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RHINO Crash Rail System easing parents’ worries

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A recent installation of Australian Bollards’ RHINO Crash Rail System over the AFL long weekend has moved closer to improving the well-being and safety of the public just a little more, after this Car Park Crash Rail system was installed at an Early Learning Centre on St. Helena Road in Greensborough, Victoria. Parents have commented that they are much happier and have peace of mind now that these added security solutions have been put in place.

The RHINO Crash Rail System system is our latest innovation in car-park guardrail safety barrier systems, installed on a level slightly above the main road. The installation involves a wheel stop for each parking space, which is compliant with Australian Standards. It also features an anti-climb mesh balustrade surrounding the edges, which prevents vehicles, pedestrians and patrons of the Early Learning Centre from falling over the edge. The main feature of the RHINO Crash Rail System is its W-Beam guardrail, as well as the installation of a handrail. The system is hot dip galvanized and ensures maximum protection in our line of car park crash railing line of products.

The RHINO Crash Rail System is assessed to exceed the 30kN impact load as described in the most recent Industry Standards, AS/NZS 2890:1 and is manufactured with the utmost quality and care to deliver the best service by Australian Bollards.

The system is an ideal solution to the potential damages and threats that may ensue on the property. The RHINO Crash Rail System is an efficient solution in other properties including schools, hospitals and shopping centres where safety is a priority.

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